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Farewell fellow shooters

WhiteAlbum started as a simple idea in a small South Korean farmhouse. I wanted a super simple way to print my photos. And I wanted it to be fun. I wanted it to feel special.

I joined the amazingly talented folks at Mint Digital, and soon WhiteAlbum began taking shape.

After months of sketching, research, iterations, refinements, testing, and establishing partner relationships — we launched. With a little help from Product Hunt, WhiteAlbum struck a chord. Some loved it, some hated it. Either way, people were talking about WhiteAlbum. Even better, people were downloading and using our little disposable camera app.

We were sending albums all over the world and soon realized that WhiteAlbum had real potential to grow into a great business. We got to work developing and designing new features to evolve the app and enhance the experience. Our vision for the future was bright. But in order to get there, we realized we needed more financial support to make it happen.

Up to this point, WhiteAlbum had been completely supported — and funded — by Mint Digital (much like their other products). To keep WhiteAlbum alive and to build the future we envisioned, our team needed to raise capital.

We gave ourselves a deadline to complete our fundraising. But unfortunately, we didn’t meet that deadline We weren’t able to secure funding which lead to much thinking, and ultimately a very tough decision.

The team, marketing and financial resources needed to build WhiteAlbum into the market-defining product we wanted it to become were simply too high. We also weren’t as profitable as we’d hoped to be by this time. So with all things considered, we’ve collectively decided to bring WhiteAlbum to a close.

Yes, we have thousands of existing, satisfied, paying users. We’ve had the pleasure of printing personal, private, goofy, serious, mundane and hilarious photos for people around the world. We’ve heard amazing and sometimes touching stories from our customers. We’re unbelievably proud of what we’ve built. And now, we’re incredibly sad to stop the presses.

We want to thank everyone for all the love, encouragement and support over the past few months (or more). And if you’ve ordered photos from us, we hope they stay with you for a very, very long time.

Thanks for shooting.

Greg, Will, Tim and the rest of the WhiteAlbum team (aka Mint Digital)