4 Alternatives to Disposable Camera App

4 Alternatives to Disposable Camera App

With the quality of mobiles becoming better and better, and with every launch people wanting to go back to their old trusty camera. There are many developers out there who are bringing in the fashion of having a Polaroid with the help of your mobile phones. These are disposable cameras which is something that people are embracing but due to the price tag that it comes with makes it difficult for people to adapt to the changes. Here are some of the alternatives which can help ensure that you have a good time even without having to pay more.

Gudak Cam

This is one app which is exclusively made for the iPhone, which acts as a disposable analogue camera. This apps helps you turn your iPhone into a 24 film roll camera, and you will have to wait for at least three days to get your pictures after print for viewing.

Peta Pixel

Peta Pixel is an app which is developed by a Korean startup which can give you the feel of bringing the camera in just your smartphone. All you have to do is download the app, and you have a film roll of at least 24 shots which you will not be able to view until you have it in a printed format.

Ultra Linx

This is a piece of technology which can make you phone the disposable camera that you have wished for. There is also an iOS app which aims at bringing the nostalgia of the disposable camera from the past years.

Trending all-day

This one app which gives you the best of both world which gives you the ease of using a smartphone but with the aim of providing you features like a disposable camera. You will have to set this app up system, which can work while giving you the feature of the right filters.


Hyperbeat can give you a nostalgic touch while you shoot in your iPhone. This app was developed to make sure that the whole experience of getting the right joy of the disposable photography which you can access right from your iPhone. This can help ensure that you set your viewfinder the old school which can help you film the roll in just 24 shots.

The verge

There are many analogue camera apps which you can easily download and delete them once you are done working with them. Most apps include a lot of apps which can be overwhelming to the burden of choice. There are many filters which work on the abundance of the ways which can help you tweak every detail, but with this, you can tweak some aspects and add this that you right personally feel the need.

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